Inspired by App Icon Template

I’ve made this photoshop template so you can skip all the boring part and focus on creating your icons. The idea is to edit the largest size and have the smaller sizes automatically rendered, enabling a much quicker workflow when designing icons. Download it here.


Mac App Icon Template

How To Use It?

Open the template in Photoshop. You’ll see the icon in a bunch of different sizes. Find and right click the layer called “512@x — Edit me” and hit “Edit Contents”. This opens another .psb file - create your artwork in this canvas. After saving the the .psb file, the multiple sizes in the Main PSD file should be automatically rendered. After you’ve finished, go to File -> Save for Web, choose a folder and hit Save.

Check out Apple’s Icon Design Guidelines for detailed information about icon sizes and other important stuff.


This work is of paramount importance to the whole world out there, so I had no choice but to release as public domain.


Please, let me know if you have any problems or I made a mistake somewhere.

Download Mac App Icon Template here.