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Have you ever tried to make a transparent background in IE8? If you have, I am pretty sure you know that there is no rgba() support. One of the common tricks is putting a 1x1 transparent PNG image on background. Opening Photoshop every time I need this pixel is lame, so I made a small one-page app that do it just fine. Go check it out: 1x1px. It is free.

I know I am a little bit late. IE8’s share goes down and personally, I don’t pay to much attention to it. But I consider creating this app as a good experience. I improved my designer skill (did I?) and actually launched something.

A couple of months ago I didn’t find any app that could help with GitHub Markup previewing, so I made one. And I think 1x1px is not the last one.

It is really exciting to make stuff that people use, that helps them solve their problems, even when it is 5 users per day.